10 signs that your branding needs a facelift

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Are you attracting your ideal customers? Let’s face it. We all need to freshen up our image from time to time. It’s part of doing business. But how do you know when it is time for a change? Here are 10 signs that your branding needs a facelift:

1 – You are attracting the WRONG client

2 – Your company is misunderstood or is unrecognized

3 – Your clients’ needs have changed

4 – Your current business offering has outgrown the brand.

5 – Your company has/is taking a big turn in direction or change in style.

6 – Your graphics have too many variations or inconsistencies.

7 – You cringe when you give out your business card or show off your website.

8 – Your message is overused.

9 – If your branding contains anything once trendy that is now totally out-dated.

10 – Several other businesses in your industry use the same typeface in their logo.

How many of these signs apply to your current brand?

At LMW Design, Inc. we create a balanced approach of marketing strategy and design execution so our clients can stand apart from their competition.  We help you attract your ideal customers by offering a range of services for promoting your business – identity design, website design, advertising campaigns, collateral materials, special promotional projects – for the Internet and more traditional media.

What’s the first step? Let’s start the conversation with a complementary consultation and begin to envision a new way of attracting your ideal customers!

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